Sunday, September 11, 2011

Adam Shadowchild Bibliography

Adam Shadowchild is a fictional author played by Jeffrey Tambor in the 2011 science-fiction film Paul. In the film, one of the running gags is "Who the hell is Adam Shadowchild?" followed by one of the other characters listing different book titles.
  • Jupiter Praxis
  • Jenny Starpepper
    • Huge White Gibbon
    • Spitting Worm
    • Great Brass Hen
  • Night of the Moths
  • Sky Farm
    • Sky Farm 2: Dark Harvest
    • Sky Farm 3: Strong Cheese
  • The Venusian Pangenesis
  • The Moon Whisperer
  • Prison Hulk 441
  • Planet Fall: Book 3: Fluxing Uranus
  • The Robot's Mistress
  • Broadside at Cassiopeia